Overheated buildings ?


You probably have a Steam system with radiators or a Hydronic system with baseboards.

Maybe a single building thermostat or individual unit thermostats and zone valves.

If you have a central boiler supplying all the units chances are likely that you are overheating the building.

The first clue? High fuel bills.

The confirmation? The drive-by.

We have been in buildings seeing the tenants in shorts,  t-shirts, and barefeet while the outside temperature is in the single digits. And open windows of course, maybe a fan, sometimes AC.

80, 90, even 100º inside. The law says 65º, most owner/managers would be thrilled with 70º.  For every degree you can reduce you save 3%.

In the meantime, every degree above 70º you are wasting 3%. Ouch...

That budget line item should be in bold.


This building owner installed JEMS® and reduced the heating bill 46%

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