Hot Water heat savings

Hydronic heating

Hot water boilers supply heated water to room baseboards via circulators, thermostats, and zone valves. 

Water is the heating medium which leaves the boiler at a temperature set by an aquastat, typically 180-200º.

Each zone is controlled by a thermostat that  opens and closes a zone valve or starts and stops its own circulator.

Thermostats react only to the air near them - kitchen cooking, sunshine, open windows. Some areas get warm and some won't.

Sometimes the whole building is only one zone circulating the hot water through all the units with one central thermostat is calling for heat. Some areas get warm and some areas get very hot.

As these thermostats cycle the on-off circulation of the very hot water, wide  temperature swings happen.

'First it's too cold, then it's too hot'.

These hills and valleys are smoothed out with JEMS®.  It becomes your heating system 'cruise control' and holds the temperature of your choice.

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