Free heating system survey

JEMS has a stable of two dozen microprocessor control variations to fit just about every heating plant configuration.

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Hydronic - Hot Water baseboard

Single Stage, Lead & Lag, Multi-Stage boiler sequencing, rotating, orderly restart, modulating, anticipation delay, data logging, communications, etc.

Steam - all types

Dual Slope proprietary patented program - variable on cycle, variable delay and off cycles; Temperature averaging; Multi-Stage; Wireless.

All with unique patented setback program which varies the amount of setback based on outdoor temperature - maximizing savings and comfort.

JEMS will conduct a free site survey to determine the specific heating system in your building and potential areas for improvement. If applicable,
(not all buildings are suitable candidates) the engineer will determine the exact control required for optimal value and performance.

When furnished with a fuel usage history a proposal will be presented detailing investment cost, projected savings and payback period.

Contact our Chief Engineer for this free audit; 

Kent Borner @ 860-887-0884 office,  860-908-9149 cell 

kent borner

He'll poke around anywhere,  even the Grand Canyon.

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