Your boiler thinks it's 0º outside every time it fires up. Fall, winter, spring: 0º. 99% of the year it is warmer than this set 'design temperature' and you are overheating. 

Heat Your Building With Intelligence,  

Not Brute Force.

Most heating systems are designed to provide sufficient heat for the coldest expected day of the year. The burners have the fuel burning muscle capacity to satisfy those few times each year when the outside temperature may drop to this 'design temperature', typically 0º in New England.

brains for your burners


JEMS® Microprocessors retrieve all intelligence inputs every few seconds, factors them into your building's customized operating program and computes  the exact amount of burner run time to provide ample heat for that precise moment.

A balanced system. 

No more 'too hot' then 'too cold' complaints.

Your Heating System Isn't Unfit,

Just Uninformed.

JEMS® electronic sensors constantly read all environmental temperatures outside and inside, the circulating baseboard temperature, and the returning condensate temperature. It evaluates building heat loss, activity cycles, and comfort level demands.

JEMS® computes a new 'design temperature' every minute, and if an outside high setpoint temperature has been reached it kills the burner. No more overheating, no underheating. This 'brain' matches actual heat supply to actual heat loss. More comfort and lower bills. 

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